The Journey

Navjeevan Project | An initiative by Jaipur Citizen Forum with MOHAN foundation

Transplantation of human organs from one human being to another is undoubtedly one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of this century –one that has transformed tens of thousands of lives. It is unfortunate, however, that few Indian patients in need are able to benefit from this medical advancement.
It has been estimated that 200,000 people in India are annually diagnosed with organ failure needing transplantation as part of life saving measure. A majority of these patients are young where their only hope to a life is by the opportunity of having a transplant of their organ in failure.

Who We Are

Taking the initiative in Rajasthan , Jaipur Citizen Forum in collaboration with MOHAN Foundation the pioneer in Organ Donation In India, is starting this noble cause in Rajasthan.
MFJCF has done a lot of activities to promote Organ and Tissue Donation in India.Some of them are detailed below:
JCF – parent organisation of MFJCF brought the idea of Organ Donation to Rajasthan by organizing a talk by Sunil Shroff
Jaipur Citizen Forum in collaboration with MOHAN Foundation the pioneer in Organ Donation In India, held a Workshop on Organ Donation . Honourable Health Minister Shri Rajendra Singh Rathore was the Chief Guest. It was held at Library Seminar Hall, SMS Medical College , Jaipur on Wednesday, May14, 2014
The day long Workshop was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Shri Rajendra Rathore, Minister of Health, Government of Rajasthan. Rajendra Rathore ji welcomed the guests to Rajasthan and lauded JCF on its initiative to provide the ‘gift of life’ to the people of Rajasthan. He promised full support of the government for this noble cause.
Dr. Subodh Agarwal, Secretary, Medical Education and Mr. Deepak Upreti, Secretary Medical Health were the guests of honours. Dr. Subodh Agarwal reiterated that all the medical colleges and institutes would take forward the work and sensitize its doctors and staff for this cause. Mr. Deepak Upreti committed that no stone would be left unturned to set up the infrastructure and other details needed for Organ Donation in Rajasthan.
Mr.Rajiv Arora , President of JCF welcomed all the dignitaries and guests and conveyed his gratitude to the Minister and Department of Health for all their support. He explained the need for Organ Donation and appealed to all the eminent doctors and specialists to support the cause. He requested the private hospitals and their representatives to come forward and carry the message of Organ Donation to one and all. All the invited participants, Doctors and others were highly motivated by the end of the workshop and promised to carry the work forward in Rajasthan. They pledged to work above petty selfish reasons and only for the cause. Bhavna Jagwani, Convenor of MFJCF said that it’s a dream project and God has been kind that good people have joined and taken forward the cause. Dr. Shroff also reiterated the thought that Organ donation is a most noble cause and everybody whould come forward to support.