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Mrs. Anita Achra

Mrs. Anita Achra

23 Years old resident of Shri Madhopur Mrs. Anita Achra was a pious soul. She got married with Mr. Jai Narayan and lives happy with him. On March 29, 2018 she was on her way to village in a Jeep (Local transport vehicle) and fell down from the Jeep and got severe injury in head.

She was brought to the Sawai Mansingh Hospital in serious condition and admitted in ICU and despite treatment, board of doctors declared her brain dead.

When family members (Husband, Father in Law and Brother) of Anita got to know about her condition they all were agonizing and not ready to accept the truth.

After the continuous efforts of counseling for the organ donation family members of Anita agreed to donate her vital organs (Heart, Liver and Kidneys).

Her Kidneys and Liver was transplanted in Sawai Mansingh Hospital and Heart was transplanted to Delhi based recipient in AIIMS hospital as heart recipient was not available in Jaipur.

We salute to such family members who comes forward and take decision to save many lives obviously they cannot get her back but they can see her in another four people who are breathing and living just because of her.    


Donation Date:- 09.04.2018

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