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Kushal Kumar

Kushal Kumar

Relatives of a 20-year-old ITI student Kushal Kumar took a brave decision of donating his organs after he was declared brain dead at Sawai Man Singh (SMS) Hospital.

His kidneys were transplanted into patients at SMS Hospital and his liver was sent to a private hospital in Jaipur for transplant.

SMS Hospital Doctors encouraged relatives of Kumar after he was declared brain dead to donate organs for saving life of the other patients suffering from kidney and liver failures. Since there was no suitable recipient of his heart, hospital administration decided not to harvest his heart.

Kushal met with an accident when a biker hit him while he was walking near Khatipura Pulia on July 15, 2018. He was badly injured in the accident as his body collided with an electricity pole on the divider of the road. He was a resident of Jhotwara area.

He was immediately rushed to Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of SMS Hospital for treatment. But, despite of all the possible treatment given by the doctors, he did not regain consciousness. The hospital, on July 19, decided to conduct test to ascertain that Kushal was brain dead. In an interval of six hours, a committee set up by the SMS Hospital to declare patients brain dead, conducted two tests and declared him brain dead.

After a long counseling, Kushal’s parents gave their consent for organ donation, SMS Hospital officials said. It was a brave decision taken by the family, who lost a young member of the family. Kushal’s relatives had donated organ of one Deepak, who was also declared brain dead in February 2017.

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